Tip Bill Per Person

Total Bill Per Person

Tip (%)

Total Bill

Tip Bill

Total Bill Per Person

Tip Bill Per Person

# Tip % Tip Amount Total
1) 5% 5 105
2) 10% 10 110
3) 15% 15 115
4) 20% 20 120
5) 25% 25 125
6) 30% 30 130
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Tip Calculator

Calculate tip or gratuity amount for your total bill amount with online tip calculator. It is very easy to calculate, just put your bill amount and tip percentage and the result will available for you. Also, you can calculate the tip amount split between a given number of people.

To build this calculator, we resource a lot and also take user requests to add proper value to user. You can consider as the best tip calculator. If you liked it then please provide feedback with your experience. And also if you find any glitch or give any suggestions, then also report with us.

How to Calculate Tip on this Website?

After opening the website, just enter your bill amount and tip percentage and if you want to split the bill with multiple people then enter the number of people also with the help of textbox and slide input. The system will automatically calculate the total bill and total tip amount per person.

Tip Calculator Formula

To calculate tip you need the three inputs one is bill amount, the second one is tip percentage, and the third one is number of people default is 1. So, Here is it how?

A Bill Amount
P Tip Percentage
N Number of People

Formula =
Tip Amount = A * (P/100);
Final Bill Amount = A * (P/100) + A;


Hold, You go to a restaurant and after eating something the total bill amount 120 and you want to give 5 percent tip to the waiter and there is total of three waiters. Then the calculation will be like,
Answare =
Tip Amount = 120 * (5/100); = 6;
Final Bill Amount = 120 * (5/100) + 120; = 126;
People Wise Tip = (120 * (5/100))/N; = 2;

What is Tip?

A tip or gratuity is an additional sum of money paid to particular service workers for a provided service. It always varies with different locations and services with different percentages.

Tip Calculator Features

Tip calculator comes with lots of features. In our tools, we implement all the possible features that can be implementable. Here are the featurs are

  • Simple Design, Easy to Use, and Free
  • Automatic Calculaton
  • Total Bill
  • Tip Bill
  • Total Bill Per Person
  • Tip Bill Per Person