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The meter is the base unit of length in the International System. The abbreviation for meter is "m". It is equal to 100 Centimeter, 0.001 Kilometer, or 3.28084 Feet.

Compare values between unit Meter with other Length measurement units.

Unit Conversion Value
Centimeter Meter to Centimeter 1 Meter = 100 Centimeter
Foot Meter to Foot 1 Meter = 3.28084 Foot
Inch Meter to Inch 1 Meter = 39.3701 Inch
Kilometer Meter to Kilometer 1 Meter = 0.001 Kilometer
Mile Meter to Mile 1 Meter = 0.000621371 Mile
Nautical Mile Meter to Nautical Mile 1 Meter = 0.000539957 Nautical Mile
Yard Meter to Yard 1 Meter = 1.0936 Yard

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