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A mile is an English unit of length of linear measure. The abbreviation for Mile is "mi". It is equal to 1.6093 Kilometer, 1760 Yard, or 5280 Feet.

Compare values between unit Mile with other Length measurement units.

Unit Conversion Value
Centimeter Mile to Centimeter 1 Mile = 160934 Centimeter
Foot Mile to Foot 1 Mile = 5280 Foot
Inch Mile to Inch 1 Mile = 63360 Inch
Kilometer Mile to Kilometer 1 Mile = 1.6093 Kilometer
Meter Mile to Meter 1 Mile = 1609.34 Meter
Nautical Mile Mile to Nautical Mile 1 Mile = 0.86898 Nautical Mile
Yard Mile to Yard 1 Mile = 1760 Yard

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