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Calculate age based on your date of birth and age at the date with age calculator online tools. Just put your date of birth and it will automatically calculate the age with some interesting facts. To build this calculator, we resource a lot and also take user requests to add proper value to user. You can consider as the best age calculator.

If you liked it then please provide feedback with your experience. And also if you find any glitch or give any suggestions, then also report with us.

After opening the website, you just need to select your date of birth, you can select via date picker as well as via select box. When you pick any correct date system automatically calculate your age with some interesting facts. I hope you will like it.

Age calculator formula is the difference between two dates. You need to calculate the difference. Here is how?
Time = (OldDate - NewDate)**
When you get the time, then you need to calculate the other things on that.

To calculate age in Excel use the function call DATEDIF and passed the 3 arguments like DATEDIF(A1,B1,'y') to age the result. A1 would be your date of birth (01/01/1990) and B1 would be the current date (TODATE()) and Y means year count.
Function be like,

  • DATEDIF(DATE(1990,01,01),TODATE(),'y') - TODAY() will return the current date.
  • DATEDIF(DATE(1990,01,01),DATE(2020,01,01),'y') - For the fixed date calculation.
  • DATEDIF(DATE(1990,01,01),TODATE(),'y' & 'y' & DATE(1990,01,01),TODATE(),'ym' & 'm' & DATE(1990,01,01),TODATE(),'md' & 'd') - For year month days calculation.
  • Hold, your date of birth is 01-01-1990 and the current date is 01-01-2020. In that case, the result will calculate base on 01-01-1990 to 01-01-2020, how much years months days hours munites seconds and milliseconds you will complete at that time.
    Age like,
    30 years 0 months 7 days
    360 months 7 days
    10807 days
    259368 hours
    15562080 minutes
    933724800 seconds
    933724800000 milliseconds

    Age calculator comes with lots of features. In our tools, we implement all the possible features that can be implementable. Here are the featurs are

    • Simple Design, Easy to Use, and Free
    • Automatic Calculaton
    • Life Completed
    • Next Birthday / Upcoming Birthday
    • Full Age Details - With years, months, days, hours, munites, seconds, and milliseconds
    • Facts - With sleeping, food, heart beaten, and breaths oxygen etc
    • Birthday Wish - Our website wish birthday if you check in on that day.