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Monthly Interest

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Calculate interest earned on monthly income schemes with MIS calculator on a deposit of one time and getting payout on a monthly base. MIS (monthly income schemes) is for, you want to save money and get a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis, and also your principal amount will be saved. Post office monthly income schemes are popular in every location.

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After visiting the website, you just need to enter your principal amount and interest rate which you will get from the bank or post office then the system will automatically calculate the monthly interest and maturity amount. You will get the result on your right side and downside also.

To calculate monthly interest you only need two variable one is principal amount and the other one is mis interest rate. After that, Here is it how?

P Principal Amount
R Interest Rate

Formula =
Monthly Interest = (P * R / 12) / 100;

Hold, you have to invest 10000 on a monthly income scheme with the interest rate of 7 percentage. Then your calculation will like,
Result =
Monthly Interest = (10000 * 7 / 12) / 100; = 58

MIS calculator comes with lots of features. In our tools, we implement all the possible features that can be implementable. Here are the features are

  • Simple Design, Easy to Use, and Free
  • Automatic Calculaton
  • Monthly Interest - How much money you will get on a monthly basis.
  • Formula with Example