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Currency calculator objectives to keep up continuous data on the current market or bank trade rates with the goal that the determined outcome changes at whatever point the estimation of both of the segment monetary standards does. They do as such by associating with a database of current cash trade rates.

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After opening the website, Just select the currency from the left side select box and type the currency amount on the right side input box. Then the system will automatically convert the live rate with the help of "EXCHANGERATE API". If you want to embed this calculator to your website then click on the embed button and then copy the embed code and paste it over the HTML section on your website.

Currency Calculator comes with lots of features. In our tools, we implement all the possible features that can be implementable. Here are the featurs are

  • Simple Design, Easy to Use, and Free
  • Live Calculaton
  • Build in API
  • All Popular Currency - We added all popular currency with the live exchange rates.
  • Swap Currency - Swap currency without change select box.