Point Conversion

Convert Point to other Angle Units

is equal to

In trigonometry, a point is also is an angle measurement unit. The distance of the points (x,y) in the full circle to the center is equal to 1, hence by the distance formula: a2+b2=1 a2+b2=1.

Compare values between unit Point with other Angle measurement units.

Unit Conversion Value
Arcminute Point to Arcminute 1 Point = 675 Arcminute
Arcsecond Point to Arcsecond 1 Point = 40500 Arcsecond
Circle Point to Circle 1 Point = 0.03125 Circle
Degree Point to Degree 1 Point = 11.25 Degree
Grad Point to Grad 1 Point = 12.5 Grad
Mil Point to Mil 1 Point = 200 Mil
Radian Point to Radian 1 Point = 0.19635 Radian

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