1. Acre - The acre is a non-SI metric unit, primarily used in the measurement of land in many countries. 1 Acre is equal to 0.4 Hectare (ha). The abbreviation for acre is "ac".
    1. Acre to Ankanam
    2. Acre to Are
    3. Acre to Bigha
    4. Acre to Biswa
    5. Acre to Cent
    6. Acre to Centiare
    7. Acre to Chatak
    8. Acre to Decimal
    9. Acre to Dunam
    10. Acre to Feddan
    11. Acre to Gaj
    12. Acre to Gajam
    13. Acre to Gonda
    14. Acre to Ground
    15. Acre to Guntha
    16. Acre to Hectare
    17. Acre to Jerib
    18. Acre to Kanal
    19. Acre to Katha
    20. Acre to Killa
    21. Acre to Kora
    22. Acre to Marla
    23. Acre to Murabba
    24. Acre to Pole
    25. Acre to Rood
    26. Acre to Satak
    27. Acre to Section
    28. Acre to Square Centimeter
    29. Acre to Square Feet
    30. Acre to Square Gaj
    31. Acre to Square Inch
    32. Acre to Square Kilometer
    33. Acre to Square Link
    34. Acre to Square Meter
    35. Acre to Square Mile
    36. Acre to Square Yard
    37. Acre to Township
    38. Acre to Vaar
  2. Ankanam - An Ankanam is a unit of land measurement that is similar to Acre that is mostly used in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the state of India. 1 Ankanam is equal to 72 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Ankanam to Acre
    2. Ankanam to Are
    3. Ankanam to Bigha
    4. Ankanam to Biswa
    5. Ankanam to Cent
    6. Ankanam to Centiare
    7. Ankanam to Chatak
    8. Ankanam to Decimal
    9. Ankanam to Dunam
    10. Ankanam to Feddan
    11. Ankanam to Gaj
    12. Ankanam to Gajam
    13. Ankanam to Gonda
    14. Ankanam to Ground
    15. Ankanam to Guntha
    16. Ankanam to Hectare
    17. Ankanam to Jerib
    18. Ankanam to Kanal
    19. Ankanam to Katha
    20. Ankanam to Killa
    21. Ankanam to Kora
    22. Ankanam to Marla
    23. Ankanam to Murabba
    24. Ankanam to Pole
    25. Ankanam to Rood
    26. Ankanam to Satak
    27. Ankanam to Section
    28. Ankanam to Square Centimeter
    29. Ankanam to Square Feet
    30. Ankanam to Square Gaj
    31. Ankanam to Square Inch
    32. Ankanam to Square Kilometer
    33. Ankanam to Square Link
    34. Ankanam to Square Meter
    35. Ankanam to Square Mile
    36. Ankanam to Square Yard
    37. Ankanam to Township
    38. Ankanam to Vaar
  3. Arab - Arab is a number counting unit, used in India, UAE, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka those countries. 1 Arab equal to 100 crore or 1 billion.
    1. Arab to Billion
    2. Arab to Crore
    3. Arab to Hundred
    4. Arab to Kharab
    5. Arab to Lakh
    6. Arab to Million
    7. Arab to Thousand
    8. Arab to Trillion
  4. Arcminute - A minute of arc, arcminute is a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/60 of one degree or 60 arcsecond. The abbreviation for arcminute is '.
    1. Arcminute to Arcsecond
    2. Arcminute to Circle
    3. Arcminute to Degree
    4. Arcminute to Grad
    5. Arcminute to Mil
    6. Arcminute to Point
    7. Arcminute to Radian
  5. Arcsecond - A second of arc, arcsecond is a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/3600 of one degree or 1/60 arcminute. The abbreviation for arcsecond is ".
    1. Arcsecond to Grad
    2. Arcsecond to Arcminute
    3. Arcsecond to Circle
    4. Arcsecond to Degree
    5. Arcsecond to Mil
    6. Arcsecond to Point
    7. Arcsecond to Radian
  6. Are - An Are is a unit of land measurement which is still used in some parts of South Indian states. 1 Are is equal to 1/100 Hectare (ha) or 100 Square Meter (sq mt).
    1. Are to Acre
    2. Are to Ankanam
    3. Are to Bigha
    4. Are to Biswa
    5. Are to Cent
    6. Are to Centiare
    7. Are to Chatak
    8. Are to Decimal
    9. Are to Dunam
    10. Are to Feddan
    11. Are to Gaj
    12. Are to Gajam
    13. Are to Gonda
    14. Are to Ground
    15. Are to Guntha
    16. Are to Hectare
    17. Are to Jerib
    18. Are to Kanal
    19. Are to Katha
    20. Are to Killa
    21. Are to Kora
    22. Are to Marla
    23. Are to Murabba
    24. Are to Pole
    25. Are to Rood
    26. Are to Satak
    27. Are to Section
    28. Are to Square Centimeter
    29. Are to Square Feet
    30. Are to Square Gaj
    31. Are to Square Inch
    32. Are to Square Kilometer
    33. Are to Square Link
    34. Are to Square Meter
    35. Are to Square Mile
    36. Are to Square Yard
    37. Are to Township
    38. Are to Vaar
  7. Bigha - Bigha is a traditional historical unit of land area measurement, commonly used in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Bigha has no standard size. The size of one bigha varies considerably from space to time.
    1. Bigha to Acre
    2. Bigha to Ankanam
    3. Bigha to Are
    4. Bigha to Biswa
    5. Bigha to Cent
    6. Bigha to Centiare
    7. Bigha to Chatak
    8. Bigha to Decimal
    9. Bigha to Dunam
    10. Bigha to Feddan
    11. Bigha to Gaj
    12. Bigha to Gajam
    13. Bigha to Gonda
    14. Bigha to Ground
    15. Bigha to Guntha
    16. Bigha to Hectare
    17. Bigha to Jerib
    18. Bigha to Kanal
    19. Bigha to Katha
    20. Bigha to Killa
    21. Bigha to Kora
    22. Bigha to Marla
    23. Bigha to Murabba
    24. Bigha to Pole
    25. Bigha to Rood
    26. Bigha to Satak
    27. Bigha to Section
    28. Bigha to Square Centimeter
    29. Bigha to Square Feet
    30. Bigha to Square Gaj
    31. Bigha to Square Inch
    32. Bigha to Square Kilometer
    33. Bigha to Square Link
    34. Bigha to Square Meter
    35. Bigha to Square Mile
    36. Bigha to Square Yard
    37. Bigha to Township
    38. Bigha to Vaar
  8. Billion - Billion is used for counting the number, and it is equal to one thousand million. One billion can also be written as "b" or "bn". In standard form, it is written as 1 x 109.
    1. Billion to Arab
    2. Billion to Crore
    3. Billion to Hundred
    4. Billion to Kharab
    5. Billion to Lakh
    6. Billion to Million
    7. Billion to Thousand
    8. Billion to Trillion
  9. Biswa - Biswa is a land measurement unit, It is mainly used in rural area of India. 1 Biswa is equal to 150 Gaj. Biswa is medium area measurement unit.
    1. Biswa to Acre
    2. Biswa to Ankanam
    3. Biswa to Are
    4. Biswa to Bigha
    5. Biswa to Cent
    6. Biswa to Centiare
    7. Biswa to Chatak
    8. Biswa to Decimal
    9. Biswa to Dunam
    10. Biswa to Feddan
    11. Biswa to Gaj
    12. Biswa to Gajam
    13. Biswa to Gonda
    14. Biswa to Ground
    15. Biswa to Guntha
    16. Biswa to Hectare
    17. Biswa to Jerib
    18. Biswa to Kanal
    19. Biswa to Katha
    20. Biswa to Killa
    21. Biswa to Kora
    22. Biswa to Marla
    23. Biswa to Murabba
    24. Biswa to Pole
    25. Biswa to Rood
    26. Biswa to Satak
    27. Biswa to Section
    28. Biswa to Square Centimeter
    29. Biswa to Square Feet
    30. Biswa to Square Gaj
    31. Biswa to Square Inch
    32. Biswa to Square Kilometer
    33. Biswa to Square Link
    34. Biswa to Square Meter
    35. Biswa to Square Mile
    36. Biswa to Square Yard
    37. Biswa to Township
    38. Biswa to Vaar
  10. Cent - A Cent is a unit of land area measurement which is still used in some parts of South Indian states. 1 Cent is equal to 1/100 Acre. It is still used in many news reports and in the real estate business.
    1. Cent to Acre
    2. Cent to Ankanam
    3. Cent to Are
    4. Cent to Bigha
    5. Cent to Biswa
    6. Cent to Centiare
    7. Cent to Chatak
    8. Cent to Decimal
    9. Cent to Dunam
    10. Cent to Feddan
    11. Cent to Gaj
    12. Cent to Gajam
    13. Cent to Gonda
    14. Cent to Ground
    15. Cent to Guntha
    16. Cent to Hectare
    17. Cent to Jerib
    18. Cent to Kanal
    19. Cent to Katha
    20. Cent to Killa
    21. Cent to Kora
    22. Cent to Marla
    23. Cent to Murabba
    24. Cent to Pole
    25. Cent to Rood
    26. Cent to Satak
    27. Cent to Section
    28. Cent to Square Centimeter
    29. Cent to Square Feet
    30. Cent to Square Gaj
    31. Cent to Square Inch
    32. Cent to Square Kilometer
    33. Cent to Square Link
    34. Cent to Square Meter
    35. Cent to Square Mile
    36. Cent to Square Yard
    37. Cent to Township
    38. Cent to Vaar
  11. Centiare - A Centiare is a unit of area used in the metric system. The abbreviation for Centiare is "ca". 1 Centiare is equal to 1 Square Meter (sq mt).
    1. Centiare to Acre
    2. Centiare to Ankanam
    3. Centiare to Are
    4. Centiare to Bigha
    5. Centiare to Biswa
    6. Centiare to Cent
    7. Centiare to Chatak
    8. Centiare to Decimal
    9. Centiare to Dunam
    10. Centiare to Feddan
    11. Centiare to Gaj
    12. Centiare to Gajam
    13. Centiare to Gonda
    14. Centiare to Ground
    15. Centiare to Guntha
    16. Centiare to Hectare
    17. Centiare to Jerib
    18. Centiare to Kanal
    19. Centiare to Katha
    20. Centiare to Killa
    21. Centiare to Kora
    22. Centiare to Marla
    23. Centiare to Murabba
    24. Centiare to Pole
    25. Centiare to Rood
    26. Centiare to Satak
    27. Centiare to Section
    28. Centiare to Square Centimeter
    29. Centiare to Square Feet
    30. Centiare to Square Gaj
    31. Centiare to Square Inch
    32. Centiare to Square Kilometer
    33. Centiare to Square Link
    34. Centiare to Square Meter
    35. Centiare to Square Mile
    36. Centiare to Square Yard
    37. Centiare to Township
    38. Centiare to Vaar
  12. Centimeter - A Centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system. The abbreviation for Centimeter is "cm". It is equal to 1/100 Meter, 0.00001 Kilometer, or 0.3937 Inch.
    1. Centimeter to Foot
    2. Centimeter to Inch
    3. Centimeter to Kilometer
    4. Centimeter to Meter
    5. Centimeter to Mile
    6. Centimeter to Nautical Mile
    7. Centimeter to Yard
  13. Chatak - Chatak is a land measurement unit, It is mainly used in Bangladesh and West Bengal (India). 1 Chatak is equal to 5 Gaj. Chatak is small area measurement unit.
    1. Chatak to Acre
    2. Chatak to Ankanam
    3. Chatak to Are
    4. Chatak to Bigha
    5. Chatak to Biswa
    6. Chatak to Cent
    7. Chatak to Centiare
    8. Chatak to Decimal
    9. Chatak to Dunam
    10. Chatak to Feddan
    11. Chatak to Gaj
    12. Chatak to Gajam
    13. Chatak to Gonda
    14. Chatak to Ground
    15. Chatak to Guntha
    16. Chatak to Hectare
    17. Chatak to Jerib
    18. Chatak to Kanal
    19. Chatak to Katha
    20. Chatak to Killa
    21. Chatak to Kora
    22. Chatak to Marla
    23. Chatak to Murabba
    24. Chatak to Pole
    25. Chatak to Rood
    26. Chatak to Satak
    27. Chatak to Section
    28. Chatak to Square Centimeter
    29. Chatak to Square Feet
    30. Chatak to Square Gaj
    31. Chatak to Square Inch
    32. Chatak to Square Kilometer
    33. Chatak to Square Link
    34. Chatak to Square Meter
    35. Chatak to Square Mile
    36. Chatak to Square Yard
    37. Chatak to Township
    38. Chatak to Vaar
  14. Circle - In trigonometry, a unit circle is a full circle of unit radius, that is a radius of 1 centered at the origin (0, 0). 1 full circle is equal to 360 degree or 400 grad or 6.28 radian.
    1. Circle to Arcminute
    2. Circle to Arcsecond
    3. Circle to Degree
    4. Circle to Grad
    5. Circle to Mil
    6. Circle to Point
    7. Circle to Radian
  15. Crore - A crore is equal to 100 lakh or ten million in the Indian numbering system. It is written as 1,00,00,000 with the local 2,2,3 style of digit group separator.
    1. Crore to Arab
    2. Crore to Billion
    3. Crore to Hundred
    4. Crore to Kharab
    5. Crore to Lakh
    6. Crore to Million
    7. Crore to Thousand
    8. Crore to Trillion
  16. Cubic Foot - The cubic foot is an imperial and US customary unit of volume, mainly used in the United States. The abbreviation for Cubic foot is "ft3".
    1. Cubic Foot to Cubic Inch
    2. Cubic Foot to Cubic M
    3. Cubic Foot to Cubic ML
    4. Cubic Foot to Imperial Gallon
    5. Cubic Foot to Liter
    6. Cubic Foot to Milliliter
    7. Cubic Foot to US Gallon
  17. Cubic Inch - The cubic inch is an imperial and US customary unit of volume, mainly used in the United States. The abbreviation for Cubic inch is "in3".
    1. Cubic Inch to Cubic Foot
    2. Cubic Inch to Cubic M
    3. Cubic Inch to Cubic ML
    4. Cubic Inch to Imperial Gallon
    5. Cubic Inch to Liter
    6. Cubic Inch to Milliliter
    7. Cubic Inch to US Gallon
  18. Cubic M - Cubic meter (cubic m) is the SI derived unit of volume. The abbreviation for Cubic meter is "m3". 1 Cubic M is equal to 1000 Liter (l).
    1. Cubic M to Cubic Foot
    2. Cubic M to Cubic Inch
    3. Cubic M to Cubic ML
    4. Cubic M to Imperial Gallon
    5. Cubic M to Liter
    6. Cubic M to Milliliter
    7. Cubic M to US Gallon
  19. Cubic ML - Cubic Milliliter (cubic ml) is one of the units of volume. A Cubic Milliliter is a cube that is 1 Milliliter on each side. 1000 Cubic Milliliter (cubic ml) is equal to 1 Liter (l).
    1. Cubic ML to Cubic Foot
    2. Cubic ML to Cubic Inch
    3. Cubic ML to Cubic M
    4. Cubic ML to Imperial Gallon
    5. Cubic ML to Liter
    6. Cubic ML to Milliliter
    7. Cubic ML to US Gallon
  20. Day - A day is approximately the period of time during which the Earth completes one rotation around its axis. 1 Day is equal to 24 Hours and 1440 Minutes.
    1. Day to Hour
    2. Day to Minute
    3. Day to Month
    4. Day to Second
    5. Day to Week
    6. Day to Year
  21. Decimal - A decimal / dismil is a unit of area in India and Bangladesh. After metrication in the mid-20th century by both countries, the unit became officially obsolete. Decimals are also used as a measure of land in East Africa.
    1. Decimal to Aare
    2. Decimal to Ankanam
    3. Decimal to Are
    4. Decimal to Bigha
    5. Decimal to Biswa
    6. Decimal to Cent
    7. Decimal to Centiare
    8. Decimal to Chatak
    9. Decimal to Dunam
    10. Decimal to Feddan
    11. Decimal to Gaj
    12. Decimal to Gajam
    13. Decimal to Gonda
    14. Decimal to Ground
    15. Decimal to Guntha
    16. Decimal to Hectare
    17. Decimal to Jerib
    18. Decimal to Kanal
    19. Decimal to Katha
    20. Decimal to Killa
    21. Decimal to Kora
    22. Decimal to Marla
    23. Decimal to Murabba
    24. Decimal to Pole
    25. Decimal to Rood
    26. Decimal to Satak
    27. Decimal to Section
    28. Decimal to Square Centimeter
    29. Decimal to Square Feet
    30. Decimal to Square Gaj
    31. Decimal to Square Inch
    32. Decimal to Square Kilometer
    33. Decimal to Square Link
    34. Decimal to Square Meter
    35. Decimal to Square Mile
    36. Decimal to Square Yard
    37. Decimal to Township
    38. Decimal to Vaar
  22. Degree - A Degree is a measurement of a plane angle in which one full rotation is 360 degrees. 1 Degree is not an SI unit. The abbreviation for Degree is "deg" or "o".
    1. Degree to Arcminute
    2. Degree to Arcsecond
    3. Degree to Circle
    4. Degree to Grad
    5. Degree to Mil
    6. Degree to Point
    7. Degree to Radian
  23. Dunam - The Dunam is a land area measurement unit, mainly used in Turkish. The unit is still in use in many areas previously ruled by the Ottomans, although 1 Dunam is equal to 10/100 Hectare (ha).
    1. Dunam to Acre
    2. Dunam to Ankanam
    3. Dunam to Are
    4. Dunam to Bigha
    5. Dunam to Biswa
    6. Dunam to Cent
    7. Dunam to Centiare
    8. Dunam to Chatak
    9. Dunam to Decimal
    10. Dunam to Feddan
    11. Dunam to Gaj
    12. Dunam to Gajam
    13. Dunam to Gonda
    14. Dunam to Ground
    15. Dunam to Guntha
    16. Dunam to Hectare
    17. Dunam to Jerib
    18. Dunam to Kanal
    19. Dunam to Katha
    20. Dunam to Killa
    21. Dunam to Kora
    22. Dunam to Marla
    23. Dunam to Murabba
    24. Dunam to Pole
    25. Dunam to Rood
    26. Dunam to Satak
    27. Dunam to Section
    28. Dunam to Square Centimeter
    29. Dunam to Square Feet
    30. Dunam to Square Gaj
    31. Dunam to Square Inch
    32. Dunam to Square Kilometer
    33. Dunam to Square Link
    34. Dunam to Square Meter
    35. Dunam to Square Mile
    36. Dunam to Square Yard
    37. Dunam to Township
    38. Dunam to Vaar
  24. Feddan - A Feddan is a land area measurement unit, mainly used in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and the Sultanate of Oman. In Classical Arabic, the word means "a yoke of oxen".
    1. Feddan to Acre
    2. Feddan to Ankanam
    3. Feddan to Are
    4. Feddan to Bigha
    5. Feddan to Biswa
    6. Feddan to Cent
    7. Feddan to Centiare
    8. Feddan to Chatak
    9. Feddan to Decimal
    10. Feddan to Dunam
    11. Feddan to Gaj
    12. Feddan to Gajam
    13. Feddan to Gonda
    14. Feddan to Ground
    15. Feddan to Guntha
    16. Feddan to Hectare
    17. Feddan to Jerib
    18. Feddan to Kanal
    19. Feddan to Katha
    20. Feddan to Killa
    21. Feddan to Kora
    22. Feddan to Marla
    23. Feddan to Murabba
    24. Feddan to Pole
    25. Feddan to Rood
    26. Feddan to Satak
    27. Feddan to Section
    28. Feddan to Square Centimeter
    29. Feddan to Square Feet
    30. Feddan to Square Gaj
    31. Feddan to Square Inch
    32. Feddan to Square Kilometer
    33. Feddan to Square Link
    34. Feddan to Square Meter
    35. Feddan to Square Mile
    36. Feddan to Square Yard
    37. Feddan to Township
    38. Feddan to Vaar
  25. Foot - A Foot is a unit of length measurement in the British imperial and the United States customary systems. The abbreviation for Foot is "ft" or '.
    1. Foot to Centimeter
    2. Foot to Inch
    3. Foot to Kilometer
    4. Foot to Meter
    5. Foot to Mile
    6. Foot to Nautical Mile
    7. Foot to Yard
  26. FPS - The foot per second is a unit of both speed and velocity. The abbreviation for a foot per second is "fps", and the scientific notation ft s-1.
    1. FPS to KMPH
    2. FPS to Knot
    3. FPS to MPH
    4. FPS to MPS
  27. Gaj - A Gaj / Gaz or yard is a unit of length used in parts of Asia. Historically, it was a regionally variable measurement. It was often used for measuring textiles.
    1. Gaj to Acre
    2. Gaj to Ankanam
    3. Gaj to Are
    4. Gaj to Bigha
    5. Gaj to Biswa
    6. Gaj to Cent
    7. Gaj to Centiare
    8. Gaj to Chatak
    9. Gaj to Decimal
    10. Gaj to Dunam
    11. Gaj to Feddan
    12. Gaj to Gajam
    13. Gaj to Gonda
    14. Gaj to Ground
    15. Gaj to Guntha
    16. Gaj to Hectare
    17. Gaj to Jerib
    18. Gaj to Kanal
    19. Gaj to Katha
    20. Gaj to Killa
    21. Gaj to Kora
    22. Gaj to Marla
    23. Gaj to Murabba
    24. Gaj to Pole
    25. Gaj to Rood
    26. Gaj to Satak
    27. Gaj to Section
    28. Gaj to Square Centimeter
    29. Gaj to Square Feet
    30. Gaj to Square Gaj
    31. Gaj to Square Inch
    32. Gaj to Square Kilometer
    33. Gaj to Square Link
    34. Gaj to Square Meter
    35. Gaj to Square Mile
    36. Gaj to Square Yard
    37. Gaj to Township
    38. Gaj to Vaar
  28. Gajam - A Gajam or square yard is a unit of length used in parts of Asia. Historically, it was a regionally variable measurement. It was often used for measuring textiles.
    1. Gajam to Acre
    2. Gajam to Ankanam
    3. Gajam to Are
    4. Gajam to Bigha
    5. Gajam to Biswa
    6. Gajam to Cent
    7. Gajam to Centiare
    8. Gajam to Chatak
    9. Gajam to Decimal
    10. Gajam to Dunam
    11. Gajam to Feddan
    12. Gajam to Gaj
    13. Gajam to Gonda
    14. Gajam to Ground
    15. Gajam to Guntha
    16. Gajam to Hectare
    17. Gajam to Jerib
    18. Gajam to Kanal
    19. Gajam to Katha
    20. Gajam to Killa
    21. Gajam to Kora
    22. Gajam to Marla
    23. Gajam to Murabba
    24. Gajam to Pole
    25. Gajam to Rood
    26. Gajam to Satak
    27. Gajam to Section
    28. Gajam to Square Centimeter
    29. Gajam to Square Feet
    30. Gajam to Square Gaj
    31. Gajam to Square Inch
    32. Gajam to Square Kilometer
    33. Gajam to Square Link
    34. Gajam to Square Meter
    35. Gajam to Square Mile
    36. Gajam to Square Yard
    37. Gajam to Township
    38. Gajam to Vaar
  29. Gonda - A Gonda is a land area measurement unit used in mainly India and Bangladesh. 1 Gonda is equal to 864 Square Feet (sq ft) or 96 Square Gaj. Gonda is a median land area measurement unit.
    1. Gonda to Acre
    2. Gonda to Ankanam
    3. Gonda to Are
    4. Gonda to Bigha
    5. Gonda to Biswa
    6. Gonda to Cent
    7. Gonda to Centiare
    8. Gonda to Chatak
    9. Gonda to Decimal
    10. Gonda to Dunam
    11. Gonda to Feddan
    12. Gonda to Gaj
    13. Gonda to Gajam
    14. Gonda to Ground
    15. Gonda to Guntha
    16. Gonda to Hectare
    17. Gonda to Jerib
    18. Gonda to Kanal
    19. Gonda to Katha
    20. Gonda to Killa
    21. Gonda to Kora
    22. Gonda to Marla
    23. Gonda to Murabba
    24. Gonda to Pole
    25. Gonda to Rood
    26. Gonda to Satak
    27. Gonda to Section
    28. Gonda to Square Centimeter
    29. Gonda to Square Feet
    30. Gonda to Square Gaj
    31. Gonda to Square Inch
    32. Gonda to Square Kilometer
    33. Gonda to Square Link
    34. Gonda to Square Meter
    35. Gonda to Square Mile
    36. Gonda to Square Yard
    37. Gonda to Township
    38. Gonda to Vaar
  30. Grad - In trigonometry, a grad is a unit of angle measurement, defined as one-hundredth of the right angle. 1 grad is equal to 0.9 Degree or 16 Mil or 0.015708 Radian. The abbreviation for grad is "g".
    1. Grad to Arcminute
    2. Grad to Arcsecond
    3. Grad to Circle
    4. Grad to Degree
    5. Grad to Mil
    6. Grad to Point
    7. Grad to Radian
  31. Gram - The gram is a metric system unit of mass. The abbreviation for Gram is "g". 1000 Gram (g) is equal to 1 Kilogram (kg).
    1. Gram to Imperial Ton
    2. Gram to Kilogram
    3. Gram to Metric Ton
    4. Gram to Milligram
    5. Gram to Ounce
    6. Gram to Pound
    7. Gram to US Ton
  32. Ground - A ground is a land area measurement unit used in India, equal to 2400 Square Feet (sq ft). After matriculation in the mid-20th century, the unit is being phased out.
    1. Ground to Acre
    2. Ground to Ankanam
    3. Ground to Are
    4. Ground to Bigha
    5. Ground to Biswa
    6. Ground to Cent
    7. Ground to Centiare
    8. Ground to Chatak
    9. Ground to Decimal
    10. Ground to Dunam
    11. Ground to Feddan
    12. Ground to Gaj
    13. Ground to Gajam
    14. Ground to Gonda
    15. Ground to Guntha
    16. Ground to Hectare
    17. Ground to Jerib
    18. Ground to Kanal
    19. Ground to Katha
    20. Ground to Killa
    21. Ground to Kora
    22. Ground to Marla
    23. Ground to Murabba
    24. Ground to Pole
    25. Ground to Rood
    26. Ground to Satak
    27. Ground to Section
    28. Ground to Square Centimeter
    29. Ground to Square Feet
    30. Ground to Square Gaj
    31. Ground to Square Inch
    32. Ground to Square Kilometer
    33. Ground to Square Link
    34. Ground to Square Meter
    35. Ground to Square Mile
    36. Ground to Square Yard
    37. Ground to Township
    38. Ground to Vaar
  33. Guntha - Guntha or Gunta is a land measurement unit primarily used to measure plots in Northern India. 1 Guntha is equal to 0.025 Acre (ac). Guntha is a medium area measurement unit.
    1. Guntha to Acre
    2. Guntha to Ankanam
    3. Guntha to Are
    4. Guntha to Bigha
    5. Guntha to Biswa
    6. Guntha to Cent
    7. Guntha to Centiare
    8. Guntha to Chatak
    9. Guntha to Decimal
    10. Guntha to Dunam
    11. Guntha to Feddan
    12. Guntha to Gaj
    13. Guntha to Gajam
    14. Guntha to Gonda
    15. Guntha to Ground
    16. Guntha to Hectare
    17. Guntha to Jerib
    18. Guntha to Kanal
    19. Guntha to Katha
    20. Guntha to Killa
    21. Guntha to Kora
    22. Guntha to Marla
    23. Guntha to Murabba
    24. Guntha to Pole
    25. Guntha to Rood
    26. Guntha to Satak
    27. Guntha to Section
    28. Guntha to Square Centimeter
    29. Guntha to Square Feet
    30. Guntha to Square Gaj
    31. Guntha to Square Inch
    32. Guntha to Square Kilometer
    33. Guntha to Square Link
    34. Guntha to Square Meter
    35. Guntha to Square Mile
    36. Guntha to Square Yard
    37. Guntha to Township
    38. Guntha to Vaar
  34. Hectare - The hectare is a non-SI metric unit, primarily used in the measurement of land. 1 hectare is equal to 2.47 Acre (ac). The abbreviation for hectare is "ha".
    1. Hectare to Acre
    2. Hectare to Ankanam
    3. Hectare to Are
    4. Hectare to Bigha
    5. Hectare to Biswa
    6. Hectare to Cent
    7. Hectare to Centiare
    8. Hectare to Chatak
    9. Hectare to Decimal
    10. Hectare to Dunam
    11. Hectare to Feddan
    12. Hectare to Gaj
    13. Hectare to Gajam
    14. Hectare to Gonda
    15. Hectare to Ground
    16. Hectare to Guntha
    17. Hectare to Jerib
    18. Hectare to Kanal
    19. Hectare to Katha
    20. Hectare to Killa
    21. Hectare to Kora
    22. Hectare to Marla
    23. Hectare to Murabba
    24. Hectare to Pole
    25. Hectare to Rood
    26. Hectare to Satak
    27. Hectare to Section
    28. Hectare to Square Centimeter
    29. Hectare to Square Feet
    30. Hectare to Square Gaj
    31. Hectare to Square Inch
    32. Hectare to Square Kilometer
    33. Hectare to Square Link
    34. Hectare to Square Meter
    35. Hectare to Square Mile
    36. Hectare to Square Yard
    37. Hectare to Township
    38. Hectare to Vaar
  35. Hour - An hour is a unit of time measurement, mainly used to clock time. There are 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day.
    1. Hour to Day
    2. Hour to Minute
    3. Hour to Month
    4. Hour to Second
    5. Hour to Week
    6. Hour to Year
  36. Hundred - Hundred is the natural number following ninety-nine and preceding one hundred and one. The number SI prefix for a hundred is 100. 1 Hundred is equal to 1/1000 Lakh or 1/10000 Million.
    1. Hundred to Arab
    2. Hundred to Billion
    3. Hundred to Crore
    4. Hundred to Kharab
    5. Hundred to Lakh
    6. Hundred to Million
    7. Hundred to Thousand
    8. Hundred to Trillion
  37. Imperial Gallon - An Imperial gallon is a unit of measurement for volume and fluid capacity in the British imperial system of measurement. 1 Imperial Gallon is equal to 4.54609 Liter (l).
    1. Imperial Gallon to Cubic Foot
    2. Imperial Gallon to Cubic Inch
    3. Imperial Gallon to Cubic M
    4. Imperial Gallon to Cubic ML
    5. Imperial Gallon to Liter
    6. Imperial Gallon to Milliliter
    7. Imperial Gallon to US Gallon
  38. Imperial Ton - Imperial Ton is the unit of weights or Imperial system of measurement. It was standardized in the thirteenth century. 1 Imperial Ton is equal to 1.12 US Ton.
    1. Imperial Ton to Gram
    2. Imperial Ton to Kilogram
    3. Imperial Ton to Metric Ton
    4. Imperial Ton to Milligram
    5. Imperial Ton to Ounce
    6. Imperial Ton to Pound
    7. Imperial Ton to US Ton
  39. Inch - An inch is a unit of length measurement in the British imperial and the United States customary systems. The abbreviation for inch is "in" or ".
    1. Inch to Centimeter
    2. Inch to Foot
    3. Inch to Kilometer
    4. Inch to Meter
    5. Inch to Mile
    6. Inch to Nautical Mile
    7. Inch to Yard
  40. Jerib - A jerib is a traditional unit of land measurement in the Middle East and southwestern Asia. It is a unit of area used to measure land holdings in much the way that an acre or hectare.
    1. Jerib to Acre
    2. Jerib to Ankanam
    3. Jerib to Are
    4. Jerib to Bigha
    5. Jerib to Biswa
    6. Jerib to Cent
    7. Jerib to Centiare
    8. Jerib to Chatak
    9. Jerib to Decimal
    10. Jerib to Dunam
    11. Jerib to Feddan
    12. Jerib to Gaj
    13. Jerib to Gajam
    14. Jerib to Gonda
    15. Jerib to Ground
    16. Jerib to Guntha
    17. Jerib to Hectare
    18. Jerib to Kanal
    19. Jerib to Katha
    20. Jerib to Killa
    21. Jerib to Kora
    22. Jerib to Marla
    23. Jerib to Murabba
    24. Jerib to Pole
    25. Jerib to Rood
    26. Jerib to Satak
    27. Jerib to Section
    28. Jerib to Square Centimeter
    29. Jerib to Square Feet
    30. Jerib to Square Gaj
    31. Jerib to Square Inch
    32. Jerib to Square Kilometer
    33. Jerib to Square Link
    34. Jerib to Square Meter
    35. Jerib to Square Mile
    36. Jerib to Square Yard
    37. Jerib to Township
    38. Jerib to Vaar
  41. Kanal - Kanal is land measurement units commonly used in Northern India states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. 1 Kanal is equal to 5445 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Kanal to Acre
    2. Kanal to Ankanam
    3. Kanal to Are
    4. Kanal to Bigha
    5. Kanal to Biswa
    6. Kanal to Cent
    7. Kanal to Centiare
    8. Kanal to Chatak
    9. Kanal to Decimal
    10. Kanal to Dunam
    11. Kanal to Feddan
    12. Kanal to Gaj
    13. Kanal to Gajam
    14. Kanal to Gonda
    15. Kanal to Ground
    16. Kanal to Guntha
    17. Kanal to Hectare
    18. Kanal to Jerib
    19. Kanal to Katha
    20. Kanal to Killa
    21. Kanal to Kora
    22. Kanal to Marla
    23. Kanal to Murabba
    24. Kanal to Pole
    25. Kanal to Rood
    26. Kanal to Satak
    27. Kanal to Section
    28. Kanal to Square Centimeter
    29. Kanal to Square Feet
    30. Kanal to Square Gaj
    31. Kanal to Square Inch
    32. Kanal to Square Kilometer
    33. Kanal to Square Link
    34. Kanal to Square Meter
    35. Kanal to Square Mile
    36. Kanal to Square Yard
    37. Kanal to Township
    38. Kanal to Vaar
  42. Katha - A Katha is a unit of the area mostly used for land measure in Eastern India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. After metrication in the mid-20th century by both countries, the unit became officially obsolete.
    1. Katha to Acre
    2. Katha to Ankanam
    3. Katha to Are
    4. Katha to Bigha
    5. Katha to Biswa
    6. Katha to Cent
    7. Katha to Centiare
    8. Katha to Chatak
    9. Katha to Decimal
    10. Katha to Dunam
    11. Katha to Feddan
    12. Katha to Gaj
    13. Katha to Gajam
    14. Katha to Gonda
    15. Katha to Ground
    16. Katha to Guntha
    17. Katha to Hectare
    18. Katha to Jerib
    19. Katha to Kanal
    20. Katha to Killa
    21. Katha to Kora
    22. Katha to Marla
    23. Katha to Murabba
    24. Katha to Pole
    25. Katha to Rood
    26. Katha to Satak
    27. Katha to Section
    28. Katha to Square Centimeter
    29. Katha to Square Feet
    30. Katha to Square Gaj
    31. Katha to Square Inch
    32. Katha to Square Kilometer
    33. Katha to Square Link
    34. Katha to Square Meter
    35. Katha to Square Mile
    36. Katha to Square Yard
    37. Katha to Township
    38. Katha to Vaar
  43. Kharab - Kharab is a number counting unit, used in India, UAE, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka those countries. 1 Kharab equal to 10000 crore or 100 arab.
    1. Kharab to Arab
    2. Kharab to Billion
    3. Kharab to Crore
    4. Kharab to Hundred
    5. Kharab to Lakh
    6. Kharab to Million
    7. Kharab to Thousand
    8. Kharab to Trillion
  44. Killa - A Killa is measured rectangularly, reckoned as an area 36 karams (198 ft) x 40 karams (220 ft) = (43,560 sq ft). 5/8th of a Killa is known as Bigha.
    1. Killa to Acre
    2. Killa to Ankanam
    3. Killa to Are
    4. Killa to Bigha
    5. Killa to Biswa
    6. Killa to Cent
    7. Killa to Centiare
    8. Killa to Chatak
    9. Killa to Decimal
    10. Killa to Dunam
    11. Killa to Feddan
    12. Killa to Gaj
    13. Killa to Gajam
    14. Killa to Gonda
    15. Killa to Ground
    16. Killa to Guntha
    17. Killa to Hectare
    18. Killa to Jerib
    19. Killa to Kanal
    20. Killa to Katha
    21. Killa to Kora
    22. Killa to Marla
    23. Killa to Murabba
    24. Killa to Pole
    25. Killa to Rood
    26. Killa to Satak
    27. Killa to Section
    28. Killa to Square Centimeter
    29. Killa to Square Feet
    30. Killa to Square Gaj
    31. Killa to Square Inch
    32. Killa to Square Kilometer
    33. Killa to Square Link
    34. Killa to Square Meter
    35. Killa to Square Mile
    36. Killa to Square Yard
    37. Killa to Township
    38. Killa to Vaar
  45. Kilogram - The kilogram is the base unit of mass in the International System. The abbreviation for kilogram is "kg". 1000 Kilogram (kg) is equal to 1 Metric Ton.
    1. Kilogram to Gram
    2. Kilogram to Imperial Ton
    3. Kilogram to Metric Ton
    4. Kilogram to Milligram
    5. Kilogram to Ounce
    6. Kilogram to Pound
    7. Kilogram to US Ton
  46. Kilometer - A Kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system. The abbreviation for Kilometer is "km". It is equal to 1000 Meter, 100000 Centimeter, or 0.6214 Mile.
    1. Kilometer to Centimeter
    2. Kilometer to Foot
    3. Kilometer to Inch
    4. Kilometer to Meter
    5. Kilometer to Mile
    6. Kilometer to Nautical Mile
    7. Kilometer to Yard
  47. KMPH - The kilometer per hour is a unit of speed. The abbreviation for a kilometer per hour is "kmph", and "km/h". 1 kmph is equal to 0.621371 mph and 0.539957 Knot.
    1. KMPH to FPS
    2. KMPH to Knot
    3. KMPH to MPH
    4. KMPH to MPS
  48. Knot - A knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, exactly 1.852 km/h and 0.5144 mps. The abbreviation for a knot is "kt".
    1. Knot to FPS
    2. Knot to KMPH
    3. Knot to MPH
    4. Knot to MPS
  49. Kora - A Kora is a land area measurement unit used in mainly Bengali-speaking countries. 1 Kora is equal to 216 Square Feet (sq ft). Kora is a small area measurement unit.
    1. Kora to Acre
    2. Kora to Ankanam
    3. Kora to Are
    4. Kora to Bigha
    5. Kora to Biswa
    6. Kora to Cent
    7. Kora to Centiare
    8. Kora to Chatak
    9. Kora to Decimal
    10. Kora to Dunam
    11. Kora to Feddan
    12. Kora to Gaj
    13. Kora to Gajam
    14. Kora to Gonda
    15. Kora to Ground
    16. Kora to Guntha
    17. Kora to Hectare
    18. Kora to Jerib
    19. Kora to Kanal
    20. Kora to Katha
    21. Kora to Killa
    22. Kora to Marla
    23. Kora to Murabba
    24. Kora to Pole
    25. Kora to Rood
    26. Kora to Satak
    27. Kora to Section
    28. Kora to Square Centimeter
    29. Kora to Square Feet
    30. Kora to Square Gaj
    31. Kora to Square Inch
    32. Kora to Square Kilometer
    33. Kora to Square Link
    34. Kora to Square Meter
    35. Kora to Square Mile
    36. Kora to Square Yard
    37. Kora to Township
    38. Kora to Vaar
  50. Lakh - A lakh is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand. The abbreviation for Lakh is "L" or "lac". It is often used in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
    1. Lakh to Arab
    2. Lakh to Billion
    3. Lakh to Crore
    4. Lakh to Hundred
    5. Lakh to Kharab
    6. Lakh to Million
    7. Lakh to Thousand
    8. Lakh to Trillion
  51. Liter - A liter is a metric unit of volume. The original French metric system used the liter as a base unit. It is equal to 1 cubic decimetre, 1000 cubic centimeters, or 0.001 cubic meters.
    1. Liter to Cubic Foot
    2. Liter to Cubic Inch
    3. Liter to Cubic M
    4. Liter to Cubic ML
    5. Liter to Imperial Gallon
    6. Liter to Milliliter
    7. Liter to US Gallon
  52. Marla - The Marla is a traditional unit of land measurement that is used in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The Marla was standardized under British raj to be equal to 272.251 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Marla to Acre
    2. Marla to Ankanam
    3. Marla to Are
    4. Marla to Bigha
    5. Marla to Biswa
    6. Marla to Cent
    7. Marla to Centiare
    8. Marla to Chatak
    9. Marla to Decimal
    10. Marla to Dunam
    11. Marla to Feddan
    12. Marla to Gaj
    13. Marla to Gajam
    14. Marla to Gonda
    15. Marla to Ground
    16. Marla to Guntha
    17. Marla to Hectare
    18. Marla to Jerib
    19. Marla to Kanal
    20. Marla to Katha
    21. Marla to Killa
    22. Marla to Kora
    23. Marla to Murabba
    24. Marla to Pole
    25. Marla to Rood
    26. Marla to Satak
    27. Marla to Section
    28. Marla to Square Centimeter
    29. Marla to Square Feet
    30. Marla to Square Gaj
    31. Marla to Square Inch
    32. Marla to Square Kilometer
    33. Marla to Square Link
    34. Marla to Square Meter
    35. Marla to Square Mile
    36. Marla to Square Yard
    37. Marla to Township
    38. Marla to Vaar
  53. Meter - The meter is the base unit of length in the International System. The abbreviation for meter is "m". It is equal to 100 Centimeter, 0.001 Kilometer, or 3.28084 Feet.
    1. Meter to Centimeter
    2. Meter to Foot
    3. Meter to Inch
    4. Meter to Kilometer
    5. Meter to Mile
    6. Meter to Nautical Mile
    7. Meter to Yard
  54. Metric Ton - Metric Ton is a mass measurement unit. The abbreviation for Metric Ton is "t". 1 Metric Ton is equal to 1000 Kilogram.
    1. Metric Ton to Gram
    2. Metric Ton to Imperial Ton
    3. Metric Ton to Kilogram
    4. Metric Ton to Milligram
    5. Metric Ton to Ounce
    6. Metric Ton to Pound
    7. Metric Ton to US Ton
  55. Mil - The Mil is the SI unit for angle measurement and is the standard unit of angular measure used in many areas of mathematics. The abbreviation for Mil is "mL" or "ml".
    1. Mil to Arcminute
    2. Mil to Arcsecond
    3. Mil to Circle
    4. Mil to Degree
    5. Mil to Grad
    6. Mil to Point
    7. Mil to Radian
  56. Mile - A mile is an English unit of length of linear measure. The abbreviation for Mile is "mi". It is equal to 1.6093 Kilometer, 1760 Yard, or 5280 Feet.
    1. Mile to Centimeter
    2. Mile to Foot
    3. Mile to Inch
    4. Mile to Kilometer
    5. Mile to Meter
    6. Mile to Nautical Mile
    7. Mile to Yard
  57. Milligram - The milligram unit of measurement of mass in the metric system. The abbreviation for milligram is "mg". 1000 Milligram (mg) is equal to 1 Gram (g).
    1. Milligram to Gram
    2. Milligram to Imperial Ton
    3. Milligram to Kilogram
    4. Milligram to Metric Ton
    5. Milligram to Ounce
    6. Milligram to Pound
    7. Milligram to US Ton
  58. Milliliter - A milliliter is a unit of volume or capacity equal to one-thousandth of a liter or 0.0610236 cubic inch. The abbreviation for Milliliter is "ml".
    1. Milliliter to Cubic Foot
    2. Milliliter to Cubic Inch
    3. Milliliter to Cubic M
    4. Milliliter to Cubic ML
    5. Milliliter to Imperial Gallon
    6. Milliliter to Liter
    7. Milliliter to US Gallon
  59. Million - Million is used for counting the number, and it is equal to one thousand thousand. It is commonly abbreviated in British English as m, M, MM, mm, or mn in financial contexts.
    1. Million to Arab
    2. Million to Billion
    3. Million to Crore
    4. Million to Hundred
    5. Million to Kharab
    6. Million to Lakh
    7. Million to Thousand
    8. Million to Trillion
  60. Minute - A minute is a unit of time usually equal to 1/60 of an hour, or 60 seconds. The abbreviation for a minute is "min" or "m".
    1. Minute to Day
    2. Minute to Hour
    3. Minute to Month
    4. Minute to Second
    5. Minute to Week
    6. Minute to Year
  61. Month - A month is a unit of time measurement, used with calendars. The traditional concept approximately as long as a natural period related to the motion of the Moon.
    1. Month to Day
    2. Month to Hour
    3. Month to Minute
    4. Month to Second
    5. Month to Week
    6. Month to Year
  62. MPH - The miles per hour is a unit of both speed and velocity mainly used in the United Kingdom, the United States. The abbreviation for miles per second is "mph".
    1. MPH to FPS
    2. MPH to KMPH
    3. MPH to Knot
    4. MPH to MPS
  63. MPS - The meter per second is a unit of both speed and velocity. The abbreviation for a meter per second is "m/s", and the scientific notation m s-1.
    1. MPS to FPS
    2. MPS to KMPH
    3. MPS to Knot
    4. MPS to MPH
  64. Murabba - In the Punjab of India, 19th-20th centuries, and Pakistan, 1947-21st century, a unit of area = 25 acres, approximately 10.117 hectares. From the Hindu Murabba, meaning Square.
    1. Murabba to Acre
    2. Murabba to Ankanam
    3. Murabba to Are
    4. Murabba to Bigha
    5. Murabba to Biswa
    6. Murabba to Cent
    7. Murabba to Centiare
    8. Murabba to Chatak
    9. Murabba to Decimal
    10. Murabba to Dunam
    11. Murabba to Feddan
    12. Murabba to Gaj
    13. Murabba to Gajam
    14. Murabba to Gonda
    15. Murabba to Ground
    16. Murabba to Guntha
    17. Murabba to Hectare
    18. Murabba to Jerib
    19. Murabba to Kanal
    20. Murabba to Katha
    21. Murabba to Killa
    22. Murabba to Kora
    23. Murabba to Marla
    24. Murabba to Pole
    25. Murabba to Rood
    26. Murabba to Satak
    27. Murabba to Section
    28. Murabba to Square Centimeter
    29. Murabba to Square Feet
    30. Murabba to Square Gaj
    31. Murabba to Square Inch
    32. Murabba to Square Kilometer
    33. Murabba to Square Link
    34. Murabba to Square Meter
    35. Murabba to Square Mile
    36. Murabba to Square Yard
    37. Murabba to Township
    38. Murabba to Vaar
  65. Nautical Mile - A nautical mile is a unit of length measurement. It is used for the definition of territorial waters. The abbreviation for Centimeter is "M, NM, or nmi".
    1. Nautical Mile to Centimeter
    2. Nautical Mile to Foot
    3. Nautical Mile to Inch
    4. Nautical Mile to Kilometer
    5. Nautical Mile to Meter
    6. Nautical Mile to Mile
    7. Nautical Mile to Yard
  66. Ounce - The ounce is the unit of mass, weight, or volume used in United States customary. The abbreviation for pound is "oz".
    1. Ounce to Gram
    2. Ounce to Imperial Ton
    3. Ounce to Kilogram
    4. Ounce to Metric Ton
    5. Ounce to Milligram
    6. Ounce to Pound
    7. Ounce to US Ton
  67. Point - In trigonometry, a point is also is an angle measurement unit. The distance of the points (x,y) in the full circle to the center is equal to 1, hence by the distance formula: a2+b2=1 a2+b2=1.
    1. Point to Arcminute
    2. Point to Arcsecond
    3. Point to Circle
    4. Point to Degree
    5. Point to Grad
    6. Point to Mil
    7. Point to Radian
  68. Pole - A Pole is a land area measurement unit, also known as a perch or rood. 1 Pole is equal to 0.25 Acre (ac). Pole is a large area measurement unit.
    1. Pole to Acre
    2. Pole to Ankanam
    3. Pole to Are
    4. Pole to Bigha
    5. Pole to Biswa
    6. Pole to Cent
    7. Pole to Centiare
    8. Pole to Chatak
    9. Pole to Decimal
    10. Pole to Dunam
    11. Pole to Feddan
    12. Pole to Gaj
    13. Pole to Gajam
    14. Pole to Gonda
    15. Pole to Ground
    16. Pole to Guntha
    17. Pole to Hectare
    18. Pole to Jerib
    19. Pole to Kanal
    20. Pole to Katha
    21. Pole to Killa
    22. Pole to Kora
    23. Pole to Marla
    24. Pole to Murabba
    25. Pole to Rood
    26. Pole to Satak
    27. Pole to Section
    28. Pole to Square Centimeter
    29. Pole to Square Feet
    30. Pole to Square Gaj
    31. Pole to Square Inch
    32. Pole to Square Kilometer
    33. Pole to Square Link
    34. Pole to Square Meter
    35. Pole to Square Mile
    36. Pole to Square Yard
    37. Pole to Township
    38. Pole to Vaar
  69. Pound - A pound is a unit of mass used in the United States customary. The abbreviation for pound is "lb". 1 Pound is equal to 16 Ounce.
    1. Pound to Gram
    2. Pound to Imperial Ton
    3. Pound to Kilogram
    4. Pound to Metric Ton
    5. Pound to Milligram
    6. Pound to Ounce
    7. Pound to US Ton
  70. Radian - The radian is the SI unit for angle measurement and is the standard unit of angular measure used in many areas of mathematics. The abbreviation for radian is rad, c or r.
    1. Radian to Arcminute
    2. Radian to Arcsecond
    3. Radian to Circle
    4. Radian to Degree
    5. Radian to Grad
    6. Radian to Mil
    7. Radian to Point
  71. Rood - A Rood is a historic English and international inch-pound measure of area, as well as an archaic English measure of length. 1 Rood is equal to 10890 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Rood to Acre
    2. Rood to Ankanam
    3. Rood to Are
    4. Rood to Bigha
    5. Rood to Biswa
    6. Rood to Cent
    7. Rood to Centiare
    8. Rood to Chatak
    9. Rood to Decimal
    10. Rood to Dunam
    11. Rood to Feddan
    12. Rood to Gaj
    13. Rood to Gajam
    14. Rood to Gonda
    15. Rood to Ground
    16. Rood to Guntha
    17. Rood to Hectare
    18. Rood to Jerib
    19. Rood to Kanal
    20. Rood to Katha
    21. Rood to Killa
    22. Rood to Kora
    23. Rood to Marla
    24. Rood to Murabba
    25. Rood to Pole
    26. Rood to Satak
    27. Rood to Section
    28. Rood to Square Centimeter
    29. Rood to Square Feet
    30. Rood to Square Gaj
    31. Rood to Square Inch
    32. Rood to Square Kilometer
    33. Rood to Square Link
    34. Rood to Square Meter
    35. Rood to Square Mile
    36. Rood to Square Yard
    37. Rood to Township
    38. Rood to Vaar
  72. Satak - Satak is a traditional unit of measurement of area in the Bangla speaking areas especially West Bengal and Bangladesh, it is still in use. Cent, Decimal, and Satak all unit values are the same.
    1. Satak to Acre
    2. Satak to Ankanam
    3. Satak to Are
    4. Satak to Bigha
    5. Satak to Biswa
    6. Satak to Cent
    7. Satak to Centiare
    8. Satak to Chatak
    9. Satak to Decimal
    10. Satak to Dunam
    11. Satak to Feddan
    12. Satak to Gaj
    13. Satak to Gajam
    14. Satak to Gonda
    15. Satak to Ground
    16. Satak to Guntha
    17. Satak to Hectare
    18. Satak to Jerib
    19. Satak to Kanal
    20. Satak to Katha
    21. Satak to Killa
    22. Satak to Kora
    23. Satak to Marla
    24. Satak to Murabba
    25. Satak to Pole
    26. Satak to Rood
    27. Satak to Section
    28. Satak to Square Centimeter
    29. Satak to Square Feet
    30. Satak to Square Gaj
    31. Satak to Square Inch
    32. Satak to Square Kilometer
    33. Satak to Square Link
    34. Satak to Square Meter
    35. Satak to Square Mile
    36. Satak to Square Yard
    37. Satak to Township
    38. Satak to Vaar
  73. Second - A second is a unit of time usually equal to 1/60 of a minute, or 1/3600 hour. The abbreviation for a minute is "sec" or "s".
    1. Second to Day
    2. Second to Hour
    3. Second to Minute
    4. Second to Month
    5. Second to Week
    6. Second to Year
  74. Section - A Section is a land area measurement unit used in all kinds of popular countries. 1 Section is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometer (sq km). A section is a large area measurement unit.
    1. Section to Acre
    2. Section to Ankanam
    3. Section to Are
    4. Section to Bigha
    5. Section to Biswa
    6. Section to Cent
    7. Section to Centiare
    8. Section to Chatak
    9. Section to Decimal
    10. Section to Dunam
    11. Section to Feddan
    12. Section to Gaj
    13. Section to Gajam
    14. Section to Gonda
    15. Section to Ground
    16. Section to Guntha
    17. Section to Hectare
    18. Section to Jerib
    19. Section to Kanal
    20. Section to Katha
    21. Section to Killa
    22. Section to Kora
    23. Section to Marla
    24. Section to Murabba
    25. Section to Pole
    26. Section to Rood
    27. Section to Satak
    28. Section to Square Centimeter
    29. Section to Square Feet
    30. Section to Square Gaj
    31. Section to Square Inch
    32. Section to Square Kilometer
    33. Section to Square Link
    34. Section to Square Meter
    35. Section to Square Mile
    36. Section to Square Yard
    37. Section to Township
    38. Section to Vaar
  75. Square Centimeter - The Square centimeter (sq cm) is a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one centimeter on each side. The abbreviation for Square centimeter is "cm2".
    1. Square Centimeter to Acre
    2. Square Centimeter to Ankanam
    3. Square Centimeter to Are
    4. Square Centimeter to Bigha
    5. Square Centimeter to Biswa
    6. Square Centimeter to Cent
    7. Square Centimeter to Centiare
    8. Square Centimeter to Chatak
    9. Square Centimeter to Decimal
    10. Square Centimeter to Dunam
    11. Square Centimeter to Feddan
    12. Square Centimeter to Gaj
    13. Square Centimeter to Gajam
    14. Square Centimeter to Gonda
    15. Square Centimeter to Ground
    16. Square Centimeter to Guntha
    17. Square Centimeter to Hectare
    18. Square Centimeter to Jerib
    19. Square Centimeter to Kanal
    20. Square Centimeter to Katha
    21. Square Centimeter to Killa
    22. Square Centimeter to Kora
    23. Square Centimeter to Marla
    24. Square Centimeter to Murabba
    25. Square Centimeter to Pole
    26. Square Centimeter to Rood
    27. Square Centimeter to Satak
    28. Square Centimeter to Section
    29. Square Centimeter to Square Feet
    30. Square Centimeter to Square Gaj
    31. Square Centimeter to Square Inch
    32. Square Centimeter to Square Kilometer
    33. Square Centimeter to Square Link
    34. Square Centimeter to Square Meter
    35. Square Centimeter to Square Mile
    36. Square Centimeter to Square Yard
    37. Square Centimeter to Township
    38. Square Centimeter to Vaar
  76. Square Feet - The square feet is an imperial unit and U.S. customary unit (non-SI, non-metric) of area, mainly used in all kinds of countries. The abbreviation for Square Feet is "ft2".
    1. Square Feet to Acre
    2. Square Feet to Ankanam
    3. Square Feet to Are
    4. Square Feet to Bigha
    5. Square Feet to Biswa
    6. Square Feet to Cent
    7. Square Feet to Centiare
    8. Square Feet to Chatak
    9. Square Feet to Decimal
    10. Square Feet to Dunam
    11. Square Feet to Feddan
    12. Square Feet to Gaj
    13. Square Feet to Gajam
    14. Square Feet to Gonda
    15. Square Feet to Ground
    16. Square Feet to Guntha
    17. Square Feet to Hectare
    18. Square Feet to Jerib
    19. Square Feet to Kanal
    20. Square Feet to Katha
    21. Square Feet to Killa
    22. Square Feet to Kora
    23. Square Feet to Marla
    24. Square Feet to Murabba
    25. Square Feet to Pole
    26. Square Feet to Rood
    27. Square Feet to Satak
    28. Square Feet to Section
    29. Square Feet to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Feet to Square Gaj
    31. Square Feet to Square Inch
    32. Square Feet to Square Kilometer
    33. Square Feet to Square Link
    34. Square Feet to Square Meter
    35. Square Feet to Square Mile
    36. Square Feet to Square Yard
    37. Square Feet to Township
    38. Square Feet to Vaar
  77. Square Gaj - The Square Gaj is a unit of length used in parts of Asia. Historically, it was a regionally variable measurement. 1 Square Gaj is equal to 9 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Square Gaj to Acre
    2. Square Gaj to Ankanam
    3. Square Gaj to Are
    4. Square Gaj to Bigha
    5. Square Gaj to Biswa
    6. Square Gaj to Cent
    7. Square Gaj to Centiare
    8. Square Gaj to Chatak
    9. Square Gaj to Decimal
    10. Square Gaj to Dunam
    11. Square Gaj to Feddan
    12. Square Gaj to Gaj
    13. Square Gaj to Gajam
    14. Square Gaj to Gonda
    15. Square Gaj to Ground
    16. Square Gaj to Guntha
    17. Square Gaj to Hectare
    18. Square Gaj to Jerib
    19. Square Gaj to Kanal
    20. Square Gaj to Katha
    21. Square Gaj to Killa
    22. Square Gaj to Kora
    23. Square Gaj to Marla
    24. Square Gaj to Murabba
    25. Square Gaj to Pole
    26. Square Gaj to Rood
    27. Square Gaj to Satak
    28. Square Gaj to Section
    29. Square Gaj to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Gaj to Square Feet
    31. Square Gaj to Square Inch
    32. Square Gaj to Square Kilometer
    33. Square Gaj to Square Link
    34. Square Gaj to Square Meter
    35. Square Gaj to Square Mile
    36. Square Gaj to Square Yard
    37. Square Gaj to Township
    38. Square Gaj to Vaar
  78. Square Inch - A square inch is a unit of area, equal to the area of a square with sides of one inch. The abbreviation for Square Inch is "in2".
    1. Square Inch to Acre
    2. Square Inch to Ankanam
    3. Square Inch to Are
    4. Square Inch to Bigha
    5. Square Inch to Biswa
    6. Square Inch to Cent
    7. Square Inch to Centiare
    8. Square Inch to Chatak
    9. Square Inch to Decimal
    10. Square Inch to Dunam
    11. Square Inch to Feddan
    12. Square Inch to Gaj
    13. Square Inch to Gajam
    14. Square Inch to Gonda
    15. Square Inch to Ground
    16. Square Inch to Guntha
    17. Square Inch to Hectare
    18. Square Inch to Jerib
    19. Square Inch to Kanal
    20. Square Inch to Katha
    21. Square Inch to Killa
    22. Square Inch to Kora
    23. Square Inch to Marla
    24. Square Inch to Murabba
    25. Square Inch to Pole
    26. Square Inch to Rood
    27. Square Inch to Satak
    28. Square Inch to Section
    29. Square Inch to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Inch to Square Feet
    31. Square Inch to Square Gaj
    32. Square Inch to Square Kilometer
    33. Square Inch to Square Link
    34. Square Inch to Square Meter
    35. Square Inch to Square Mile
    36. Square Inch to Square Yard
    37. Square Inch to Township
    38. Square Inch to Vaar
  79. Square Kilometer - Square Kilometer is a multiple of the square meter (sq mt), the SI unit of area or surface area. The abbreviation for Square Kilometer is "km2". 1 Square Kilometer is approximately equal to 1000000 square meters (sq mt) or 100 Hectare (ha).
    1. Square Kilometer to Acre
    2. Square Kilometer to Ankanam
    3. Square Kilometer to Are
    4. Square Kilometer to Bigha
    5. Square Kilometer to Biswa
    6. Square Kilometer to Cent
    7. Square Kilometer to Centiare
    8. Square Kilometer to Chatak
    9. Square Kilometer to Decimal
    10. Square Kilometer to Dunam
    11. Square Kilometer to Feddan
    12. Square Kilometer to Gaj
    13. Square Kilometer to Gajam
    14. Square Kilometer to Gonda
    15. Square Kilometer to Ground
    16. Square Kilometer to Guntha
    17. Square Kilometer to Hectare
    18. Square Kilometer to Jerib
    19. Square Kilometer to Kanal
    20. Square Kilometer to Katha
    21. Square Kilometer to Killa
    22. Square Kilometer to Kora
    23. Square Kilometer to Marla
    24. Square Kilometer to Murabba
    25. Square Kilometer to Pole
    26. Square Kilometer to Rood
    27. Square Kilometer to Satak
    28. Square Kilometer to Section
    29. Square Kilometer to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Kilometer to Square Feet
    31. Square Kilometer to Square Gaj
    32. Square Kilometer to Square Inch
    33. Square Kilometer to Square Link
    34. Square Kilometer to Square Meter
    35. Square Kilometer to Square Mile
    36. Square Kilometer to Square Yard
    37. Square Kilometer to Township
    38. Square Kilometer to Vaar
  80. Square Link - The Square Link is a unit of area measurement, equal to 0.4 Square Feet (sq ft). Square Link is a small area measurement unit. 1 Square Link is equal to 0.0483 Square Yard (sq yd).
    1. Square Link to Acre
    2. Square Link to Ankanam
    3. Square Link to Are
    4. Square Link to Bigha
    5. Square Link to Biswa
    6. Square Link to Cent
    7. Square Link to Centiare
    8. Square Link to Chatak
    9. Square Link to Decimal
    10. Square Link to Dunam
    11. Square Link to Feddan
    12. Square Link to Gaj
    13. Square Link to Gajam
    14. Square Link to Gonda
    15. Square Link to Ground
    16. Square Link to Guntha
    17. Square Link to Hectare
    18. Square Link to Jerib
    19. Square Link to Kanal
    20. Square Link to Katha
    21. Square Link to Killa
    22. Square Link to Kora
    23. Square Link to Marla
    24. Square Link to Murabba
    25. Square Link to Pole
    26. Square Link to Rood
    27. Square Link to Satak
    28. Square Link to Section
    29. Square Link to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Link to Square Feet
    31. Square Link to Square Gaj
    32. Square Link to Square Inch
    33. Square Link to Square Kilometer
    34. Square Link to Square Meter
    35. Square Link to Square Mile
    36. Square Link to Square Yard
    37. Square Link to Township
    38. Square Link to Vaar
  81. Square Meter - The Square meter (sq mt) is the SI derived unit of area with symbol m2. Mainly used for measuring areas of rooms, houses, blocks of land, land projects, etc.
    1. Square Meter to Acre
    2. Square Meter to Ankanam
    3. Square Meter to Are
    4. Square Meter to Bigha
    5. Square Meter to Biswa
    6. Square Meter to Cent
    7. Square Meter to Centiare
    8. Square Meter to Chatak
    9. Square Meter to Decimal
    10. Square Meter to Dunam
    11. Square Meter to Feddan
    12. Square Meter to Gaj
    13. Square Meter to Gajam
    14. Square Meter to Gonda
    15. Square Meter to Ground
    16. Square Meter to Guntha
    17. Square Meter to Hectare
    18. Square Meter to Jerib
    19. Square Meter to Kanal
    20. Square Meter to Katha
    21. Square Meter to Killa
    22. Square Meter to Kora
    23. Square Meter to Marla
    24. Square Meter to Murabba
    25. Square Meter to Pole
    26. Square Meter to Rood
    27. Square Meter to Satak
    28. Square Meter to Section
    29. Square Meter to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Meter to Square Feet
    31. Square Meter to Square Gaj
    32. Square Meter to Square Inch
    33. Square Meter to Square Kilometer
    34. Square Meter to Square Link
    35. Square Meter to Square Mile
    36. Square Meter to Square Yard
    37. Square Meter to Township
    38. Square Meter to Vaar
  82. Square Mile - The square mile is an imperial and US unit of measure for an area. 1 Square Mile (sq mi) is equal to 27880000 Square Feet (sq ft).
    1. Square Mile to Acre
    2. Square Mile to Ankanam
    3. Square Mile to Are
    4. Square Mile to Bigha
    5. Square Mile to Biswa
    6. Square Mile to Cent
    7. Square Mile to Centiare
    8. Square Mile to Chatak
    9. Square Mile to Decimal
    10. Square Mile to Dunam
    11. Square Mile to Feddan
    12. Square Mile to Gaj
    13. Square Mile to Gajam
    14. Square Mile to Gonda
    15. Square Mile to Ground
    16. Square Mile to Guntha
    17. Square Mile to Hectare
    18. Square Mile to Jerib
    19. Square Mile to Kanal
    20. Square Mile to Katha
    21. Square Mile to Killa
    22. Square Mile to Kora
    23. Square Mile to Marla
    24. Square Mile to Murabba
    25. Square Mile to Pole
    26. Square Mile to Rood
    27. Square Mile to Satak
    28. Square Mile to Section
    29. Square Mile to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Mile to Square Feet
    31. Square Mile to Square Gaj
    32. Square Mile to Square Inch
    33. Square Mile to Square Kilometer
    34. Square Mile to Square Link
    35. Square Mile to Square Meter
    36. Square Mile to Square Yard
    37. Square Mile to Township
    38. Square Mile to Vaar
  83. Square Yard - The Square Yard (sq yd) is a US customary and imperial unit of area, equal to 9 Square Feet (sq ft). The abbreviation for Square Yard is "yd2". In India or Bangladesh, it is also known as Square Gaj.
    1. Square Yard to Acre
    2. Square Yard to Ankanam
    3. Square Yard to Are
    4. Square Yard to Bigha
    5. Square Yard to Biswa
    6. Square Yard to Cent
    7. Square Yard to Centiare
    8. Square Yard to Chatak
    9. Square Yard to Decimal
    10. Square Yard to Dunam
    11. Square Yard to Feddan
    12. Square Yard to Gaj
    13. Square Yard to Gajam
    14. Square Yard to Gonda
    15. Square Yard to Ground
    16. Square Yard to Guntha
    17. Square Yard to Hectare
    18. Square Yard to Jerib
    19. Square Yard to Kanal
    20. Square Yard to Katha
    21. Square Yard to Killa
    22. Square Yard to Kora
    23. Square Yard to Marla
    24. Square Yard to Murabba
    25. Square Yard to Pole
    26. Square Yard to Rood
    27. Square Yard to Satak
    28. Square Yard to Section
    29. Square Yard to Square Centimeter
    30. Square Yard to Square Feet
    31. Square Yard to Square Gaj
    32. Square Yard to Square Inch
    33. Square Yard to Square Kilometer
    34. Square Yard to Square Link
    35. Square Yard to Square Meter
    36. Square Yard to Square Mile
    37. Square Yard to Township
    38. Square Yard to Vaar
  84. Thousand - Thousand is the natural number following nine hundred ninety-nine and preceding one thousand one. The number SI prefix for a Thousand is 1000. 1 Hundred is equal to 10 hundred or 1/100 Lakh.
    1. Thousand to Arab
    2. Thousand to Billion
    3. Thousand to Crore
    4. Thousand to Hundred
    5. Thousand to Kharab
    6. Thousand to Lakh
    7. Thousand to Million
    8. Thousand to Trillion
  85. Township - Township refers to various kinds of settlements or administrative subdivisions in different countries. In India, townships are found at the fourth level of the city. 1 Township is equal to 93.274 Square Kilometer (sq km).
    1. Township to Acre
    2. Township to Ankanam
    3. Township to Are
    4. Township to Bigha
    5. Township to Biswa
    6. Township to Cent
    7. Township to Centiare
    8. Township to Chatak
    9. Township to Decimal
    10. Township to Dunam
    11. Township to Feddan
    12. Township to Gaj
    13. Township to Gajam
    14. Township to Gonda
    15. Township to Ground
    16. Township to Guntha
    17. Township to Hectare
    18. Township to Jerib
    19. Township to Kanal
    20. Township to Katha
    21. Township to Killa
    22. Township to Kora
    23. Township to Marla
    24. Township to Murabba
    25. Township to Pole
    26. Township to Rood
    27. Township to Satak
    28. Township to Section
    29. Township to Square Centimeter
    30. Township to Square Feet
    31. Township to Square Gaj
    32. Township to Square Inch
    33. Township to Square Kilometer
    34. Township to Square Link
    35. Township to Square Meter
    36. Township to Square Mile
    37. Township to Square Yard
    38. Township to Vaar
  86. Trillion - Trillion is used for counting the number, and it is equal to one million million. One Trillion is equal to 1000 Arab or 10 Kharab. In standard form, it is written as 1012.
    1. Trillion to Arab
    2. Trillion to Billion
    3. Trillion to Crore
    4. Trillion to Hundred
    5. Trillion to Kharab
    6. Trillion to Lakh
    7. Trillion to Million
    8. Trillion to Thousand
  87. US Gallon - A US gallon is a unit of measurement for volume and fluid capacity in the US customary unit of measurement. 1 US Gallon is equal to 3.78541 Liter (l).
    1. US Gallon to Cubic Foot
    2. US Gallon to Cubic Inch
    3. US Gallon to Cubic M
    4. US Gallon to Cubic ML
    5. US Gallon to Imperial Gallon
    6. US Gallon to Liter
    7. US Gallon to Milliliter
  88. US Ton - US Ton is a mass measurement unit. It is commonly used in the United States, where it is known as a common ton. 1 US Ton is equal to 2000 Pound.
    1. US Ton to Gram
    2. US Ton to Imperial Ton
    3. US Ton to Kilogram
    4. US Ton to Metric Ton
    5. US Ton to Milligram
    6. US Ton to Ounce
    7. US Ton to Pound
  89. Vaar - A Vaar is a land area measurement unit mainly used in Gujarat or Punjab. 1 Vaar is equal to a Gaj. It also translates as Var.
    1. Vaar to Acre
    2. Vaar to Ankanam
    3. Vaar to Are
    4. Vaar to Bigha
    5. Vaar to Biswa
    6. Vaar to Cent
    7. Vaar to Centiare
    8. Vaar to Chatak
    9. Vaar to Decimal
    10. Vaar to Dunam
    11. Vaar to Feddan
    12. Vaar to Gaj
    13. Vaar to Gajam
    14. Vaar to Gonda
    15. Vaar to Ground
    16. Vaar to Guntha
    17. Vaar to Hectare
    18. Vaar to Jerib
    19. Vaar to Kanal
    20. Vaar to Katha
    21. Vaar to Killa
    22. Vaar to Kora
    23. Vaar to Marla
    24. Vaar to Murabba
    25. Vaar to Pole
    26. Vaar to Rood
    27. Vaar to Satak
    28. Vaar to Section
    29. Vaar to Square Centimeter
    30. Vaar to Square Feet
    31. Vaar to Square Gaj
    32. Vaar to Square Inch
    33. Vaar to Square Kilometer
    34. Vaar to Square Link
    35. Vaar to Square Meter
    36. Vaar to Square Mile
    37. Vaar to Square Yard
    38. Vaar to Township
  90. Week - A week is a unit of time measurement. 1 Week is equal to 7 days, and 168 hours. In English, the names are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
    1. Week to Day
    2. Week to Hour
    3. Week to Minute
    4. Week to Month
    5. Week to Second
    6. Week to Year
  91. Yard - A Yard is a unit of length measurement in the British imperial and the United States customary systems. The abbreviation for Yard is "yd".
    1. Yard to Centimeter
    2. Yard to Foot
    3. Yard to Inch
    4. Yard to Kilometer
    5. Yard to Meter
    6. Yard to Mile
    7. Yard to Nautical Mile
  92. Year - A year is also a time measurement unit. A tropical year is a time that the Sun takes to return to the same position in the cycle of seasons, as seen from Earth.
    1. Year to Day
    2. Year to Hour
    3. Year to Minute
    4. Year to Month
    5. Year to Second
    6. Year to Week

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