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In trigonometry, a grad is a unit of angle measurement, defined as one-hundredth of the right angle. 1 grad is equal to 0.9 Degree or 16 Mil or 0.015708 Radian. The abbreviation for grad is "g".

Compare values between unit Grad with other Angle measurement units.

Unit Conversion Value
Arcminute Grad to Arcminute 1 Grad = 54 Arcminute
Arcsecond Grad to Arcsecond 1 Grad = 3240 Arcsecond
Circle Grad to Circle 1 Grad = 0.0025 Circle
Degree Grad to Degree 1 Grad = 0.9 Degree
Mil Grad to Mil 1 Grad = 16 Mil
Point Grad to Point 1 Grad = 0.08 Point
Radian Grad to Radian 1 Grad = 0.015708 Radian

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